Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently

Hello folks,
Another month, another Currently!
Have you all seen Sharknado? It is an absolute riot! SyFy just release the sequel, Sharknado: The Second One, a laugh a minute, it is so ridiculous.
Have you all seen my Instragram peeks into my classroom? Not following yet? Really? Go check it out, I am at @msk1ell. I promise that my big classroom reveal is coming up soon.
I don't even want to start writing it all out. It is no secret I moved rooms, I moved to a smaller room and I am having to get rid of some furniture and finding some smaller replacements. It is not easy. :/
I mentioned getting rid of some furniture, well the smaller shelf I am getting is purple. Not exactly working with my new Nautical theme. I don't like paint, so I am seriously thinking of completely covering it in contact paper. White, with Navy chevron in the inside. We shall see if I actually get it done.
Seriously I am wanting a Cameo so bad. Normally I just purchase all the goodies I see on Etsy, but as I see more and more of them creep up, I am wanting to make my own.
1st Day Back:
It is officially my last weekend before I start back. I am back on Monday, August 4th and the kids come back the week after, Tuesday, August 12th.
That's all folks, I am off to go enjoy my last few days off!
Make sure you click on that orange heart Instagram button, on the top right of my blog, so you can keep up with my classroom progress. 
From a mess to success!
Oh! Before I forget, please go over to Farley's blog and give that lady some much needed love. She has been through a lot this past month.


  1. I love your blog! I just found it through 'Currently'. It sounds as if you are making good progress getting your room ready, but I can't even imagine having to move to a smaller room. Ugh! I feel for you. Hope you have a fantastic school year. P.S. I have ELL learners in my class, too. I can't wait to keep reading your blog. :)
    Preschool Wonders

  2. Oh my goodness - your blog is so much fun! I can't wait to go see the pics of your classroom. Good luck with your first week back. Here in MN we don't officially start with kids until after Labor Day. I do have a 3 day Kinder-Kamp coming up on the 11th though where we meet the kiddos in small groups. It is the best thing ever! No tears and unknowns on the first day! Enjoy your last few days!

  3. Hey Ms. M-thanks for stopping by! I love that I found another ELL teacher blog to follow! Good luck to you next week, and I can't wait to see your classroom reveal :)

    Ventaneando: A Window Into First Grade Bilingüe

  4. I also had to move to a smaller space this past year! From a room by myself to a room with 3 other teachers! Luckily I was moved in and teaching in the new space by the end of the year last year. I am however still working on projects to make the tiny corner of the room I have more enjoyable!


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