Friday, July 4, 2014

4 on the Fourth 2014

Hello ladies and gents,
Hope you are having a happy 4th. It's been surprisingly quiet here today. I bet tonight there will be some non stop popping and exploding. 
Two years ago I hosted a 4 on the Fourth linky party, and asked you all to share 4 new things that you would be doing in your classrooms in the coming year. 
I wanted to do something similar today, except I want to open it up a bit. So join me for the 2014, 4 on the Fourth!
I want to share, and for you to share, four things that relate in some way.
It can be...
Don't you just love Instagram? I do. 

4 classroom pictures.
(My old room)
I always love peeking into your rooms. 

4 items on sale in your shop.
I know there are lots of sales happening this weekend. 
Mine is having a 10% off sale.
Actually my whole shop is on sale, these are just 4 of the 24 Pre-Made Templates available.

4 items you recently wish-listed.
I am waiting for the Preppy Nautical Turquoise. ;)

4 items you recently purchased.
From Target
My pocket book is getting pretty thin. 

4 activities you are working on. 
This last one is a sneak peek at my Monday Made It post. :)

4 outfits you are packing for Vegas.
These are from my Clothing inspiration Pinterest board.
I'm not going to Vegas but I expect to be living vicariously through you all that are going. 

4 items on your delicious, but still healthy,  meals today.
Red, white and blue potato salad
All vegan.

I think you get the point.
Whatever your 4 are I want to see it. :)
So grab this button, and link up.
Ms. M's Blog

    An InLinkz Link-up
Happy 4th of July everyone.
Oh and stay safe!


  1. Loving all your new room decor!! I'm doing the same colors!! Is Melanie coming out with a preppy nautical and turquoise set?!? I hope so...cause that would save me A LOT of time!!
    A Tall Drink of Water

    1. Hi Rachel, Thank you! I've talked to Melanie about it and it is supposed to be in the works, BUT I make no promises, I don't know.

      I would love it too!
      M :)


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