Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Currently 2014

Blogging 2 days in a row!
I am so excited, I hope I can keep this momentum going.
Today I am back with the ever so popular Farley Currently, July edition.
Today just happens to be my student teachers observation date and while her observing teacher is here I try to stay out of the way. So cooperating teacher, that's me, is in the back of the room making great use of her time. :P
Technically summer school has one more week left, but I am taking it off to get some much needed rest. My last teaching day will be this Thursday. I get two weeks off, then go back for a 2 week Kindergarten Jump Start. I really have had almost no time off, so I plan to do almost nothing those 2 weeks.
By now you all know that I was moved rooms and am in the process of unpacking and reorganizing everything in a much smaller space. It has been challenging, especially since I have only be able to go in during the afternoons, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will get to start making it all pretty soon.
I just mentioned going in to my class to work in the afternoons, but I must confess that I have not been going in on Mondays, or Fridays for that matter. I have taken those afternoons for myself. Yesterday, was the first Monday in a month that I haven't taken a nap and I am really feeling the drag today. :/
Most of my new items have been ordered. However, I do have a couple items that I was waiting to purchase. I think I will put those in very soon, as I have this fear that when I am ready to order everything I want will be out of stock. Yikes! School Girl Style here I come!
4th Plans:
I really want to take it easy this 4th of July. My plans are to stay at home, sleep in, and just do some of my favorite things. 
That is all from me for now.
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From a mess to success!
Oh! Before I forget, please go over to Farley's blog and give that lady some much needed love. She has been through a lot this past month.
Happy Terrific Tuesday.


  1. I'm planning on curling up with a good book for the 4th as well! I'm glad the July linky came out, I totally didn't know what month it is. :) Have fun and good luck with the rest of summer school!

    Fun in PreK-1 & Kinder

  2. We are both moving into much smaller rooms. I just keep wondering how all my stuff is going to fit in the tiny space I'll be in. Yikes. Good luck with your move and unpacking. Have a happy Fourth!


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