Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Snippets

I was going to call this post Snowman Sunday, but I am enjoying the weekend warm up. Here are a few pictures of how this weeks Snow-tivities came out. 
We started with lots of thematic reading. Both fiction and non fiction. After writing my plans I went to the library and found tons of nonfiction texts on snow and I worked some of them in too. 
I love that litte Acorn Snow non fic book. Perfect for my ELL kinder kids. Plus Snow Balls by Louis Ehlert, was a perfect read just before we started creating...
Lots of cutting. 
Keeping track of all those little pieces is hard. 
Here is what we work with.
Here are some finished projects. 
With and without arms... Cause I forgot wth the second group. :P
I found the perfect place to display them. 
I am really proud of how they turned out. 

Here are some other classroom going ons...
B,M,E retelling.
Snowmen at Night fun. This cutie is from the pack posted with my lesson plans. 
Kinda bummed I forgot to take pics of the kids "Snow-names" or our "Label-A-Snowman" sheet, also from the pack. The week was such a whirlwind. 

Also can't find my MLK pics. Here is the only one I could scrounge up. 

I have a few plans for posting next week. I hope that extra day off will let me get some ideas down digitally. :P It will be a whirl wind for me. Lots going on, including everything Penguins, digital poems and even a field trip...yikes. 

Enjoy your weekend.

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