Friday, January 10, 2014

Five for Friday: 01/10/14

1. Cold...
I know we are all feeling it. I had Monday off but was back to work the rest of the week. I'm not complaining though, a 4 day week is sweeter than a 5 day week. I must say today was rough, both on the kids and the teachers. They have been inside all week because of the insane temperatures and they are feeling the strain of holding all that energy in for so long. It is supposed to warm up a bit this week, I can't wait.

2. Winter decor...
I've had this cutie bulletin board set for a couple years now but January always goes by so fast I never get it up. This year I've been relying on two ladies at work to do my laminating and cutting and it finally got done. I have a few more penguins in the set that I want to use for anchor charts when we study penguins in a week or two. It just brightens my day.

3. The Jacket I Wear in the Snow...
I do this activity every year and it is one of my FAVORITES. First I read several books about winter clothing, The Jacket I Wear in the Snow, Froggy get's Dressed, and Joseph had a Little Overcoat. I take pictures of the kids all decked out in their winter gear and we label it all. It is a perfect activity for January, to remind the kids about labeling. I also take this opportunity to teach my ELL kids the names of all the winter clothes.
I do have to admit it is NOT an easy activity. Identifying the words is hard for my kids. This little bugger is notorious for giving me a hard time. Today was no different, I must have repeated myself at least 20 time. 
If you are interested I blogged about this activity in previous years, with freebies.

4. New years resolutions...
Can't tell you how cutie this activity came out! I combined a couple of freebies, and tweaked it, to create something new! The kids had so much fun and I can't walk by it without looking at it. The bright paper makes it POP!
The first freebie is Teri's, from A Cupcake for a Teacher, her freebie new years hat was supposed to be a wearable, BUT since we didn't get back until Tuesday I thought would be adorable on their pictures.
The second freebie was Leigh's, from The Applicious Teacher. She has a fab goal setting tab book, again a freebie. I didn't use all the pages, because I didn't think my 1st grade ELL kids could handle ALL of them, but the ones I picked were a hit! Thanks ladies. :)

5. Snow week...
Personally I am tired of snow and cold, BUT next week is all about snowmen and MLK jr. for me and my kids. We get to read one of my favorite books, Snowmen at Night. However what I am looking forward to the most is all those cute activities you all have created, that I get to copy. :P 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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