Monday, January 13, 2014

Peek At My Week (01/13/14)

Back with my Lesson plans. Guess what? I have both kinder AND first grade done! Maybe that is because it is already Monday and I had to teach something today. :P

This week my Kinder Kids will learn all about... snow. More specifically snow-people. Yep, no longer are the days of just snowmen, we make all kinds of snow things. 
Snow Names is a fab way to practice the letters in our names. This is a great review for the kids that do know and perfect for my new ELL kids that don't know the letters in their names.
We will read Snowmen At Night and Martin McGregor's Snowman.
We will also use our Snowmen at night companion pack. There are SEVERAL pages from this pack that we will complete throughout the week. They are noted in my plans.
Then we will try to wrap up our week with a snowman craftie.
I am going to edit this wonderful craftie because we do not do alliterations yet. We have been learning about telling stories with a Beg, Mid and End, in Writing. I will try to do some kind of min strip book that attaches at the bottom. I'll let you know how it goes.
We will also learn about the letter Ff, for fffffffffreeezing. Most of what we will do is routine and can be found in my plans.

My Firsties will be studying MLKJr this week. We will read two MLKJr. books.
Here are some freebies I will use with my students. We will do a page or two from each pack. Again these are noted in my plans.
Martin Luther King Jr. Facts and Opinions (Freebie)Martin Luther King Jr. Activities FREEBIE!! {Print and go!}
We will also be learning about the letter Ee and how it can say it's long name when it is next to ea, ee and ey by using several activities from Abby's pack.
Word Work Mega Pack Part 1

That's all folks. :P Click on the image of my lesson plans to get a downloadable version.
Don't forget to check out the Peek At My Week Linky for some other fabulous lesson plans.

Oh before you go...
If your interested in some no nonsense pre-made, checklist, quick fill lesson plans check out,
A Teacher's Plan.

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