Sunday, August 4, 2013

Currently: August

It is that time again.
What time you may ask? It Currently time.

1. Listening:
I think this one needs no explanation. Now really if you haven't seen this, you have to stop and watch right now. I'll post the vid for you below. Go ahead, I will wait. It is really too much fun to pass up.

2. Loving:
After a long pause, I've been motivated with a ton of ideas. I've written them down in my notebook and once I get them completed I will be blogging bout them. 

3. Thinking:
Now I am not the least bit worried about what I will be teaching in a weeks time. I have the nagging feeling that I should be thinking about it, but I really could't be bothered. LOL I know I will do rules and procedures and then go into names with my kinder kids, but my first graders, well no clue. LOL

4. Wanting: 
I've decided I wanted to write an iPad mini for my classroom, so I wrote a DC grant for one. However, then I got cold feet and didn't submit. My fear? That it won't be funded because it is so much.

5. Needing:
Nothing tangible really, well aside from a functioning work Mac, but that is in the works. What I really need is some more vacation time. Right? I have so many ideas and I know once I go back to work, Monday, that I will have very little time and energy to make all the wonderful things I've been reading about on your blogs.

6. B2S must haves:
1. Umm, my MacBook, the one for work, is sick. The doctor is going to fix her but I am patiently waiting. I am very grateful that she will be fixed as I really depend on her a lot!
2. I don't think this needs an explanation. One of the few times a year we get to eat out with our fellow teachers, so I should go by the ATM and take out some lunch cash. I love me some french fries or mexican.
3. New binders? Well this is an addiction. I am thinking my binders are all sizes and colors and I want to make then all match. HOWEVER, I am over budget so I am NOT going to purchase unless I find a fabulous deal. I am thinking I will just overhaul the covers and make them cohesive that way.

SO that is my currently. What are you up to? Don't forget to hop on over to Farley's blog and read everyone else's posts too.

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  1. That video was awesome :) I love that song AND Jimmy Fallon is hilarious!
    And I totally hear what you're saying on the cash for in service week! I'm going to soak up those long lunches as much as I can!

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