Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Digs

Day 2 of "Teacher Week" over at Blog Hoppin' is Classroom Digs.
 I am loving how my room is turning out, so I can't resist sharing some pictures.

It is no secret that I have been working in my classroom all summer. I've read that many of you have done the same. I have to admit I am really happy with how my room has turned out. Because of this I will let my pictures do most of the talking. Especially since this is my first day of school and I don't have much energy or time to spare.
This year, I am continuing my Surfing theme. I love that it is bright and fun. I merge it with lots of chevron and some stripes, even some polkadots. Take a peek.
Before you come in though, check out my Toucan You Can Hallway Writing. Whatever weekly letter we are working on will go here and the kids will silently finger trace it before they enter the room.
This is easily one of may favorite spots in my room this year. This awesome line up spot comes from Michelle, Fabulous In First's, Facebook page.
This year's voice volumes shall be decided by Mr. Crab.
Here is my calendar wall, and carpet meeting place.
This year I decided I wanted something on the little wall space between windows, but I wasn't sure what, until I saw my birthday cupcakes. They were a perfect fit.
If you looked left, when you walked in, you'd see my orange, yes orange, wall & cabinets. I don't have everything up. Somethings, like my color and number posters only go up after I have taught them. However, I love my book boxes.
I don't have a "desk" but 2 tables arranged in an L. One is for all of my stuff and the other, the one you see upfront, I use for my small group instruction. I have a Monday Made It post for these Write and Wipe spots scheduled for next Monday.
These are the student tables. Loving Kristen's, from Ladybug Teacher Files, table numbers.
Speaking of Kristen, here is her beautiful alphabet line framed by some CTP chevron borders. Those borders add a perfect punch of color when putting up items on the bare wall.
And I used it again for my blends, vowel pairs and digraphs.
You also get a good look at my Word Wall. Yep I did a triple border. Love the way it turned out.
These next two boards are for Reading and Writing.
Not much on them yet, but we will add as we go along.
Love these little rules posters. They came from Cara Carroll's shop.
This is the easiest way to display the date EVER. I got the month headers and numbers from Maria from, Kinder Craze. I punched holes and added rings in them. Now all I do is flip it over each day. Saves me so much time, and if I forget the kids will remind me.
Can't leave out my OTHER alphabet. This one is the one I use with my Kinder kids, (also from Cara Carroll. To be honest I have all of her chevron stuff, think I have a problem.) RememberI see multiple grade levels of ELL/ ESL kids. I didn't want anything behind the posters, so again I framed it with the chevron borders. If you are wondering why I left space below, it is because I add the alphabet friend for the letter we are learning, as we learn the letter, weekly.
Check out my door and my Surf Shack banner. THe pocket charts are for my line order. Each students picture will be posted with a number next to it so there know what spot they are to stand in line.
Before you go, please read our weekly Palm Tree Password.

Last year I took some panorama shots with my iPhone and I love it so here it is again.

That is pretty much it. Lots of stuff up, and tons of details still missing, but we will get there eventually. Hope you enjoyed a little peek into my room. Don't forget to hop on over and check out everyone elses rooms too.
Oh and I am going to take advantage and also link up yo Corrina's Class Theme Linky.


  1. Replies
    1. Megan, they are actually covered with chevron duct tape. :) I posted about it a couple of pots back. :) Thanks.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Amy. For me it was nice to step back and see it all, cause as I am working all I get to see is what is still missing.

  3. Looks awesome! I totally just downloaded your Homework Club set! I like the idea of numbers so much better. I did it with student pictures last year and some kids who came later in the year didn't have a picture so this will work out nicely!

    Ginger Snaps

    1. Ginger, I am not sure what homework club but my brain is a bit fried. I do love assigning numbers to the kids. It is one of the easiest organization and cr management tools I use.

  4. Everything looks great! I love those panoramic pics. Your rooms looks huge!
    Looks like you are off to a fantastic year :) Thank you so much for linking up.
    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

    1. Corinna, My room IS huge, but the panorama pics always makes it look even bigger. Thanks for the compliment. :)

  5. I always love seeing your classrooms Melissa, you always make them so fun and inviting for your students (I'm remembering you had two that time)! I can't believe it's back-to-school time already, where on earth did the summer go? Thanks for the sweet words about the labels, I'm so glad you still like the alphabet and that the table signs are of use for you (just set mine up yesterday!)

    Happy new school year!!

    1. Ha ha and I love seeing your room just as much! Oh geez, the year I had two rooms, wow that was rough. As for summer, I have no clue but that lady never sticks around long enough for me. Enjoy your last few weeks off. Mine flew by.

  6. AWESOME!!!
    Where did u get the blends, vowel pairs and digraphs posters?
    Thanks!!!! <3

  7. I love your writing area, and your entire classroom is just wonderful! Where can I get those writing process and genre posters you have? They are so informative for youngsters!


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