Saturday, August 3, 2013

Anchor Chart Linky

Remember way back when I had an anchor chart Linky? It was over a year ago. Now I know that you all have had way many more fabulous ideas for Anchor Charts, so I was excited when I saw that Carly, from First Grade Fabulosity, was doing a new anchor chart linky.

Here are some of the faves I have up in my room...
These are a mixture of charts. The ones on the bulletin board comes from Lindsey's, The Teacher Wife, reading comprehension pack. While the reading genres come from Christie, The FlipFlop Teacher.

My goal last year was to make all my bulletin boards cohesive. So you will see my writing board, while different, will match and have many similar elements to my reading.

The writing process

I used a ribbon and clothes pins and allowed my students to move them around to show what step in the writing process they were for the day.

It took a lot of practice but they loved it. It made it a lot easier to know who was stuck in one spot for too many days and needed some specific conferencing.

This board described out 6 writing traits. As the traits were introduced I moved it up to the top and added our districts anchor charts too.

So now let's see what anchor charts are your favorites. Hop on over to Carly's blog and link up too!

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