Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why get organized?

I really wanted to post today, but I am not sure what I wanted to share. I know that many of you will be returning to school today and I feel real guilty that I don't go back until Friday. That is right I go back on a Friday. The kids don't return until Monday though, Friday is a Teacher Plan day. I think it's our districts way of saying "sorry for making your last day before winter break the 22 and not giving you a Fall break this year." Anyway, I am really looking forward to having a plan day before returning to school. For the first time I will have some time to get my act together before the kids come in.

I do want to say that even though I am at home for most of the week does not mean I am without work. I have 25 files to update and 10 more that I forgot at School B before I left for break. 
In those files I have 2nd qtr writing samples to score for each student.
2 rubrics (speaking & listening as well as reading) and a check list. 
When all that is done I get to input the students grades online for our electronic report cards. 
Sound like a lot? It is, but 3 years of doing it now I think I have got a system. I was mentioning the other day, that I usually get done in the first week of vacation. However, this year, I just really have not done much but read and watch tv. I have loved it, but now I am feeling the crunch. You see why I like to get them done early? The good news is that I got all but 6 of the ones I have at home done. I am still debating whether to go in to work and pick up the missing files or wait and do them on Friday, the Teacher Plan day.

I wish they would put all that paper work online like our report cards, all those files are heavy.

Anyway, all this is a long round about way for me to tell you about a new project I will be participating with here on my blog, the Clutter Free Classroom Project.

Obviously I won't be able to take pictures until Friday, if I remember to. However, Jodi did ask us to think about a "why we want to get organized".

As I replied to her question I kept thinking of why I did want to get organized. Organization is very important to me. Most people that come into my room think I am very organized, but I never feel that way. Everywhere I turn I see clutter and a mess. The best I can do is say that I must hide it well. Here was my response to Jodi's question...

I want to be organized because...
1. it helps me do my job better.
2. I will have more time to blog.
3. I want to set a good example for my students.
4. I'd love to be featured on Clutter Free Classroom and on I Heart Organizing.
5. it makes me feel like I have more control of my life.
6. things look pretty, and I like pretty.

I felt pretty shallow writing some of those, so please don't judge me too harshly. >.< I know I won't be able to participate EVERY week, but I will definitely work on some of her projects. I hope you join us sometime too. I hope she helps me find a way to magically get my paper work done in one day. What do you think, is it possible? I mean anything is possible right?


  1. Your system looks great! I need to work on being more organized! =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Good luck on organizing your room! That is an admirable goal. Just the thought of it makes me cringe when I think of my room. I think I just have too much stuff hanging around. I can't wait to see how it all turns out for you. And now I'm your newest follower!

    First Impressions

  3. Oh Ms. M, what a ton of work that is! I'm not surprised you have a great system for it though.

    I want to participate in Jodi's project too--it sounds like just the inspiration I need to finish my room--finally!!

    Good luck with everything and enjoy your time! Oh, and I am so with you on number 6!!!

  4. Thanks ladies! I am working some new things that I will post about... maybe sometime next week.

    Kristen, I am soooo looking forward to what you do with your class, because I think your already super organized.

    Ms. M

  5. Hi Ms M! wow you go back Friday LUCKY!
    Love your blog!! Thanks for the sweet comment on mine :)
    I agree and love the reasons why its important for you to be organized!
    Happy New Year!

  6. I saw you are trying to save money. My friend did something really easy that saved her money this past year.The family had a rule they could only order water when they were at restaurants. Helped her loose weight too! Don't know if it could help you, but I am going to try it. Good luck on organizing!! I sure wish I was in the mood to do it.


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