Thursday, January 26, 2012

Organiation Project Wk4: The teacher desk...

I feel like I have a million things to post about and I never get a moment to sit and write it all out. Of course then I forget what they were. Very frustrating. Even more frustrating, Laryngitis when you are a teacher. I mean really, how am I supposed to do my job effectively?

Don't feel bad for me, I get this every few years. Weird part is that I normally get it in Aug, Sept, or Oct. I've never gotten it in Jan. The good thing is that my students know my class routines so well, all I do is point to items in my room and they know what to sing, say or do. This way I only have to use my scratchy/ whispering voice when I am introducing something new.

As I previously mentioned, I have lots of ideas and pictures to share but this post will be dedicated to the Decluttering of my mess. Now I don't have a traditional desk, but several tables around the room that are designated as "my area only", so I am considering them my desk. These areas are not a big problem in my life. They almost always look orderly. That is because I am good at hiding my mess. I make piles. Now THAT is a chronic problem in my life.

Here is what Jodi asked...

Here are a few before pictures.
This is my main teacher space. I love this space. I like that is is not only my teacher area but my guided reading & small group instruction area. It is where I have the bulk of my materials and I spend very little time running around looking for items. I also love how I can tuck the stools under the table and out of the way.
Side view.
Front of my desk.
 Guided Reading/ Sm. Group instruction side.
A view from where I sit.

 Piles of student work.
Messy guided reading & sm group inst materials.I like that I keep all my weekly GR materials in this basket. They are right at my finger tips. I just wish it weren't so messy.
Messy teacher supplies. I use most of these items. Just have to organize them better and remove items I don't use, like that candle a student gave me and pictures of students long gone. I can't keep saving them "just in case the student returns".
 I think it is safe to put the reindeer away!

Those horrible piles. They have got to go!
Piles, and piles!

These are my life and I like having them at my fingertip on my desk. My problem? They take up way too much room.

This area is kind of a teacher desk too. It is where I sit when I am using my doc cam and projector.
 My new paper sorters, doing their job.
I keep my own set of supplies so that I don't have to touch markers that have been in mouths and/ or noses. Yuck!
 More teacher supplies. These are the ones I use more often and don't want locked away in a box.
 My space.
This the area which I think requires the least amount of work and I don't think I will do anything to it.
 My students desks are right next to me in the shape of "H", or as my Kinder student corrected me, "I". It is all a matter or perspective.

This is my OLD desk. Last year, I had a much smaller room and I used to use this wonderful dorm room desk from Walmart. When I moved and used the two tables I wanted to keep it as counter & storage space. It works great... when it isn't a mess.

More piles! They are stinking everywhere.
I collect pencils, and this is their home.
I haven't touched this in years, I think it should find a new home.
Do you think I have enough bags? Some of these are only used on Fridays when I take stuff home and on Mondays when I bring them back. I have to find a better place for them.

Here is the after...
Much neater! I can actually find what I want.

Can you tell I was ready to go home when I realized I hadn't taken and after pictures? You have no idea how often that happens. My bags are packed and I have one foot out the door!

 Ok, so this is obviously still a work in progress, but I did get rid of some extra bags and papers that were just thrown around. I have got to get in those drawers. Right now they are a hot mess.
 So much neater.
This was a big deal. There were tons of papers recycled. I can't believe I can actually see and USE these desk organizers again.
I wanted to be artsie and take this shot askew but it is a bit odd now.
 Here is a regular shot.

So there it is, my desk & work spaces, my nests. Basicly I got rid of a lot of paper. I recycled it all, I love doing that. I have to just stop making piles. I added a gray tray to all of my teaching spaces to catch all of my papers. I think once a week, or more if I can, I will go through and empty them. I hope this will keep me from making piles.

Tips, I guess to make a home for everything. If it has got a home you are more likely to put it where it belongs and will be less likely to look cluttered.

Let's see what Jodi throws at us next. :P I am crossing my fingers and hoping it's not counters or drawers because boy do I have some work to do there.

Come back later this week/ weekend for some long over due students projects.


  1. Looks great! I am a piler, too. My kids joke when I clean off my table that they can finally tell there was a table holding up all that junk! LOL

  2. I used to think it was just me who was a piler! After being introduced to all the blogs out there, I realize it is not just me. I am part of a much larger group! Good luck as you shed the piles!


  3. I will take your piles and raise you 10. I have piles on the floor too.

  4. I'm a piler, too! I didn't get a chance to tackle mine this week. Good luck with your piles. It's looking great!

  5. You did make progress. I like the idea of using the two tables for a desk. Piles are a bit of an ongoing battle in my room too! I like your trays.


  6. Looks good Ms M! I've spent the day in my room and the desk has not been a priority. I will have to tackle it soon though. I feel like I'm falling behind!
    ✪ Liam ✪
    Twist of Liam

  7. I am so frustrated, my reply button is not working. >.< It is hit or miss, sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. Ugh.

    Maggie, that's a fun way of thinking about it.

    Ashley, maybe someone should start Pilers Anonymous.

    Heidi, I have those too, just didn't take pics of them.

    Thanks Kara. Maybe you will get to them next week.

    Emily, the trays came from Target. I adore my two tales so much useable space.

    Liam, you are not falling behind, your putting a whole room together. I am sure you will get to that desk and it will look marvelous.

    Ms. M

  8. You crack me up Ms. M! I am just catching up and I saved your blog for last to read up on what you've been up to. You did a TON of work--everything looks fab!


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