Wednesday, January 4, 2012

V-day Target Find

As I am sure you guessed, those last 6 files are still not done. No worries, I promise to get them done after I write this post. While avoiding school and house work today I decided to go to Target. Especially because I got a Target gift card for the holidays. I thought I might find some Christmas items on sale... Nope! To my surprise they had cleared EVERYTHING Christmas out. :/ There went my bright idea. However, the cloud has a silver lining. The Dollar Spot was STOCKED with Valentines day and other cool items too. 

I had arms full of items, put them all in my cart and decided I should put half of it back. While I had tons of ideas for all the goodies I chose I reminded myself that I had tons of stuff from last year. Here were some of the items I picked.

I found some super cute fruit and veggie magnets. I plan to use these when we talk about food groups.

There were the encouraging pencils I found for the 100th day of school.

I got these two paper holders for a new project I have in mind. I will use them to hold papers I currently have stacked on my desk/ table. You will see, I have a post planed for it, with a freebie, sometime next week.
Here is what it looks like from the side. Please excuse the mess of my new purse, hat, scarf and fleece jacket back there. I was so excited to take pictures I dropped everything down and took pictures. I am really into gray this year. Aren't they cute?

I found this cute triangle and thought it would be a great attention getter in the class.

When I saw these, my first thought was, "I can make those!" but once I started thinking about it I didn't want to do the work. I figured $4 dollars for 32 was a good deal. Time = Money. I plan to laminate and put all my students V-day goodies in here for them.

Here is what is going in the heart envelops... pencils, erasers and stickers.

This is my favorite find today. Glow bracelets! I am going to use them to create Lindsey, The Teacher Wife" You make my heart glow" goodie. That's right no more candy, no sugar, just something fun. :) However, I think I might get them some strawberries, for fun. If you haven't visited The Teacher Wife you better go right away. Lindsey is awesome and she even has a freebie for this!
However, I think I might get them some strawberries, for fun. :) I was looking for these and just happened on them, on my way out of Target, and was SOOOO excited. I think I scared some people.

I also found these super cute Betty Boo pencils, for myself. :)
The last item I got for my class was this mesh file folder holder. I was really looking for a "light" cardboard box like one, which I didn't find, for another project. :/ However, I wanted this exact one a long time ago. I will share what I create with it mater this week, but I will give you one clue... it has to do with organization. :P
Right now it is storing all my school goodies. The best part? Everything but the last file holder was just $1.00!

I bought some other great items, but they were not at all school related so I left them out. I do have to say that there are tons of great items I put back, that I just know you guys could do WONDERS with. So if your looking for some great stuff, head on down to the Big T.

Now I am off to work on those last 6 ELL files.


  1. I bought those exact same gray paper trays!! They are just so cute and gray's my favorite color too. But I already found an inspiration for them...don't do this to me!!!!

  2. ooooo... FUN! Love the glowies! I've got a V-day freebie up here

    - Lisa
    a teachers bag of tricks

  3. I wish my closest Target wasn't an hour away!!! POoor me :(

  4. Wow! Great stuff! Those valentine hearts are really cute!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. Target has the BEST stuff for teachers!

  6. You are making me REALLY want to go Target now! That is not good! I've gotta get there over the weekend! Thanks (my hubby says no thanks!) He says it defeats the point of the Dollar section if I spend $30.00! :)

    Kindergarten Korner

  7. Just got back and found the glow necklaces and bracelets! Fun stuff at the $1 aisle right now.


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