Saturday, September 5, 2015


So the 2015/16 school year is now up and running, I am 3 weeks in and am firmly into my first two themes. My "littles", my first graders are studying apples and I will share more about that on another post. However, today I want to talk about what my kinder babies are learning... colors.

This year I have students with a wide variety of ELL levels. I have a group of majority level 1's, no English, and a second kinder group that has ELL level's 2-4, limited English to lots of vocabulary and English skills. I try to use activities that are easily differentiated. 
I love activities that allow me to support students that need the support and yet gradually release students that don't require as much support.
I wanted to share a little bit of how I do that and what we have been doing...
We started with the famous Pete the Cat and his White Shoes.
After reading we looked at our shoes and completed our sentence starter with these cute DJ Inker crayons. Students then read the sentence. Easy Peasy!
We also read A Color of His Own, an adorable book a bout a chameleon that doesn't like changing color all the time. We talked about our favorite colors and filled in a chart.
For our craft of the week we created rainbows.

This cutie stood up as soon as she was done and said..
"Look teacher an octopus!"
Over all the kids did really well, and we have another week to go.

I am not done though. It wouldn't be a full week if we didn't introduce Go Noodle. I know many of us use Go Noodle as a brain break resource, and trust me I do. I rely heavily on it during those long winter months of frigid temperatures and snowy days when we have indoor recess multiple days in a row. HOWEVER, I also love using Go Noodle as an instructional tool as well.

One of my favorite GoNoodle songs is Awesome Rainbow by Koo Koo Kangaroo.
You should have heard them giggling.
Are you on Go Noodle yet? If not this is the perfect time, who am I kidding it is always the percent time to join Go Noodle. <--- click="" get="" just="" link="" nbsp="" on="" p="" started.="" that="" to="">As a little thank you one of my readers will win a Go Noodle Pencil Pouch.

Just leave a comment with your favorite GoNoodle video and I will pick a winner on Monday, Sept 7!

Ok I have  a little bit of begging to do. I have been posting it all over social media but my Donors Choose project is just a handful of days from expiring. I have come such a long way and am so close to being fully funded. If you know of anyone that is looking to donate, or if you are feeling a bit charitable please consider my project. 
Every little bit helps!
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Hope you are having a great weekend!

Winner! Winner!
Vegan Dinner!
Congrats Wendy you won the Go Noodle pencil pouch. I will be in contact with you soon!
Thank you to everyone that participated.
The contest is now closed.


  1. We love Pop See Ko and the roller coaster song!

  2. Pop See Ko (the original) is still my fave! But I do like Chillax before tests too!

  3. My favorite (& my students') is definitely Pop-se-Ko!!

  4. I absolutely ADORE the new one called "The Llama Song"! :)


    1. Congrats Wendy you won the Go Noodle pencil pouch. I will be in contact with you soon!

  5. I love push all the buttons, but I have TONs of faves :)

  6. you are getting closer to your goal <3

  7. I love the Dino Stomp! Glad your project just got fully funded! Have a great weekend!
    Rambling About Reading

  8. I love zumba and the kids love koo koo!

  9. I will be introducing this this week! It sounds so cool!

  10. I know this isn't about the post, but I hope you are well. I really look forward to your posts, especially as I primarily teach K-2 ELLs. I have used so many of your ideas in my lessons and hope to find more good ideas here in the future. Please take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Some years are harder than others, but they always end eventually. Good luck and blessings.

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