Sunday, November 2, 2014

Birthday Bash Day 7

Wow, we have finally reached the end of my week long birthday blogger bash. 
It is day 7
and today I have brought you some fabulousness from Alisha, The Bubbly Blonde.
Little fun fact, Alisha and I are both NE bloggers and share the same birthday month! I keep trying to get her to teach in the same city and well, she isn't biting. LOL Maybe one day. :)
Ok here is the thing, I wanted to offer you something you could use now, but as I was looking through The Bubbly Blonde's TPT shop I fell in love with one of her December units. Alisha is so generous she is letting me give 3 of her products away!
I chose these next two units because I am totally still in pumpkin mode. 
As a matter a fact I have the All about Pumpkin Pack and it is one of my faves. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen several of it's elements.

Ok, so this next unit I totally fell in love with.
I thought it would give you a heads up on the upcoming season.
For your freebies, I choose 2 of my favorite freebies from The Bubbly Blonde's TPT shop. No I realize most of you all have done apples already, but you can totally file these away for next year. They are really so dang adorable.
(My students love this as a center)
So normally this is the part where I tell you to go and show Alisha some love.
The Bubbly Blonde
Then I post a fabulous cake.
Then wish you a great day, but I have just a little bit more...
about a month or so ago I worked on two custom templates for The Bubbly Blonde, and I am reveling them today!
This is a sample of Alisha's Daly plan template. Can you guess what I will call it?
The Alisha
Then I also worked on a Guided Reading template for her. Not sure on the name for this one yet but here it is.
Guided Reading for the Blonde? Maybe.
So what do you think?
Keep an eye out on both my and The Bubbly Blonde's Face Book pages, Instagram and Twitter accounts for a chance to win yourself a copy.
Have a great Sunday!


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