Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tour my Classroom 2014

This post is shamefully late. Several months late, I know. I recently had some requests to see my new class room and well, I suppose this is as good a time as any. Better late than never right? I have to say that I just LOVE my room this year. It is such a calming space, a comment I hear from almost everyone that walks in. I could not have done it without the help of a very talented bloggy friend, Melanie, from School Girl Style.
Oh, one thing, make sure you get to the end. ;)

Let's get started...
This year I switched from a surfing theme to a Nautical theme. This sweet little flag pennant came from School Girl Styles Nautical theme. I just printed them several sheets to a page to make them smaller.
I chose navy, turquoise and coral as my colors.
This is my door...
Here is our main board.

Here is a picture of what it looks like today.
A photo posted by Ms. M (@msk1ell) on
I house all my writing supplies, paper, folder, binders and student "pockets" front and center.
The vinyl anchors on my white board are one of my favorite decorative accents.
To the left I put up my Reading bulletin board. The BB is flanked my my reading genre posters.
The Steampunk poster is my favorite!
Here you can see my board in use. We were studying Making Connections.
To the right you can see my Writing bulletin board. I use the board for our 6 traits anchor charts and on the right I have the writing process. My students use the ribbon and clips to show what writing process step they are on.
The opposite side of my room has my word wall. This is what it looked like at the start of the year. However, the large anchor labels were too large and I switched them out for smaller flag pennants. 
Here is a shot of it after the change.
Then next to that word wall I have one more bulletin board that I am using to post our weeks learning.
The fish and whale are for our weekly HFW.

I have one more bulletin board, our calendar board. It is probably the one we use the most, a focal point in our room, the first thing you see when you walk into the room. 
Then something awful happened, I ran out of bulletin boarders! I couldn't leave it bare so I used a different border combo, but kept the same colors.
Above my board I have my birthdate display.
I couldn't find the color combo I wanted so I created most of the calendar pieces myself.
I have since then ordered more borders, but I kind of like how it turned out and am not sure if I am going to change it or not. I do have some more elements to add to this board, I just don't have them laminated and cut out yet.
I just adore my SitSpots. No more dirty carpet or carpet squares for my students to destroy.
Here is a view of my "still a work in progress" teacher area/ guided reading/ small group table.
If you read regularly you know this board is one of my Monday Made It crafts. It has been traveling around my room for some time because I couldn't mount it where I wanted it, but I finally just decided to use it for my mini guided reading strategies posters. It sits behind my table to I can reference it during small group time.

Again I use one set for my kinder kids and the other for my firties.
On the other side of my desk I have a small shelf that is my class library. It is a hot mess because I decided to cover it in contact paper instead of painting. :/ Still working on getting it all covered.
On the flip side of my room...
That pumpkin orange wall, well it is a work in progress. I have some elements I am still waiting to add to it.
I adore this bright line up sign because it matches my SitSpots so well.

Love using a jewelry hanger for my passes.
Our little crab is always moving because it is forever falling off the door. I think some hot glue is in order. My door is also where I post my line order, and student number system.
Meanwhile outside my door you can find my "Word Shark".
Inspired by Jennifer White's door, I made mine for a place to post 
Last is my work display wall.
I teach two grade levels so I decided to have two different icons for the clips.
Here are some of our displays.
I've hoped you have enjoyed my 2014 classroom tour.

So here is some big news...
Monday is my birthday, but also my blogs birthday too!
I have some fun planned for this week.
Please come back on Monday to enter my Birthday Bash Giveaway!


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