Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Student Art Feature: Symetry Creatures

I found these little creatures out side of the 1st grade pod in school B. I thought they were sooooooo cute.
I have done symmetry art before but I never took it further and had the kids create/ imagine something more. What a wonderful idea.
Here is how they did it...
First the kids folded their paper in half.
Then they added small blobs of paint to one side of their paper.
After it dried, they came back to it with a black marker and added the faces, hands, arms, legs. Anything they wanted.
If you want you could have them draw it in pencil and then trace in black marker, just in case they make mistakes.
You know how picky some kids can be.
I imedietly thought of an extension ideas for writing. What is it's name? Where did your creature come from? How old is it? What does it eat? Where does it live? Write a story about your creation.

Have a great day.


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