Tuesday, February 22, 2011

St. Patty's day ABC Strip

 So I went around & around looking for the perfect Shamrock for this strip & never did. So I went with some cute St. Patty day inspired/ dressed bears.


If you do happen to have a Shamrock that you think would work let me know & I might be able to use it. However, I have to put a disclaimer here. I am picky about Shamrocks. It has to be a true Shamrock, the 3 leaves that look like hearts. The 4 leaves are different, they are 4 leaf clovers. I know I am a bit OCD about this, but I was confused for a LONG time about it & now that I know I always want to be clear about it.

Hope you like it.

Ms. M


Thanks for the comment. Please come back again.