Monday, October 1, 2012

Map it out Monday: 10/01/12

This weeks plans were relatively easy. Part of that is Monday is a plan day, so not much going on then. The other side of it is that we are now 6 weeks into the school year and I think we are finally getting into a routine. Now without further ado, it is time for...
Phonemic Awareness skill: Beginning sounds
Phonics: Letter of the week: Rr (Alphafriend Reggie Rooster)
Sight/ HFW word: Review I, see
Vocab:Color words
 Comprehension skill: Story Elements
Theme: Colors

Phonemic Awareness skill: Blending Phonemes
Phonics: Letter review for Qq, Jj, Zz and shortUu
Sight/ HFW word: are, they, her, where
Word families: -ut and -ug
 Comprehension skill: Story Elements
Theme: Changing Seasons

If you were looking for the 2nd and 3rd grade lesson plans, those are on hold for the moment. One of the many reasons is that I am tweaking them to better reflect what my students and I can get done in the time allotted us. So I will be working on them tomorrow.

As always have a great week!

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