Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Opertation Classroom: Day 2

Hi everyone, I am back... 3 days late. Hey, better late than never right?

Today I want to show you all what I have set up for my Guided Reading. At the moment my GR table looks like a war zone BUT I do have pictures of the clean desk top 3 days ago.

See that table with the two caddies, adjacent to my teacher table/ desk? Well that is where I am doing guided reading this year. I tried it out last year and I really liked having my guided reading groups close to all my materials so that I could take notes, and grab forms, or fill out data on my laptop with out having to haul all of my materials to another section of the room.
I use the stools because I can tuck them under the table to save space and create a clear traffic path in my room.
 Another view.

Because I am teaching 4 grade levels this year I wanted a way to separate my materials. Last year I had a very hard time with this and knew I had to create something new. I had plans to use the caddies that were sitting there but I realized I didn't have enough to cover all my tables and each grade for GR. So I re-purposed some other tubs I had in my room. Here is what I came up with.
I labeled each tub, added a box for note cards which will house vocab words, a cup with a colored ribbon and Popsicle sticks AND books! Then I did one for each grade.

I did have an extra tub and decided that would be MY tub with materials that would be used with all the groups, ie: clipboards, white boards, extra pointing sticks.
Now I have to find a way to make it prettier.

Here is where they will be housed.
And a close up of the tub label...

Here is your chance to link up and share your Guided Reading Space.

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Now to figure out what else I can do with these cute ribbons. :)


  1. Quite fancy. Way to be productive in our meeting today :)

  2. Extremely organized, as always!! I'm loving your new room :)

  3. I love your organizational tips!! I have a small space to work with so I definitely gained some ideas from this post. Thanks for sharing! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  4. Great stools! Do you remember where you got them and the perhaps the price? I'm on the fence about making crate seats, but I love the idea of having seating that I can store easily under the desk. Thanks!

    The Teaching Thief


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