Saturday, August 4, 2012

Operation Classroom: Day 1- Teacher Desk

Hi everyone,

Can't begin to tell you how relieved I am that I was finally able to get in my new classroom today. Here is what I walked into.
 And here is the pumpkin colored wall I was talking about.
So it was/ is kind of a mess but hey you have got to start somewhere. So I decided that I would call this...
Operation Classroom
 and make a linky party for everyone one share what thy do with their spaces. I know this has been done before, but hey it is a new year and new spaces. 

So here is my day 1: The teacher desk/ table/ space
 (Click on image to enlarge)
Here is what is the same...
*-Same L shape. One table is for me (the teacher) and the longer portion of the L is my guided reading table.
*-I also kept the stools. I like these cause I can fit 5 kids on one table. Then the stools stack and slide under the table so they are not in the way.
*-I kept my 3 drawer cart but could not stick it under my table. :(
Here is what is new...
*-Each guided reading group will have one of those caddies. I can keep reading pointers, pencils, books, anything I may need in each caddy. I hope this will help me be more efficient with my groups and not spend tons of time looking for materials. (I'll tell more about this later.)
*-I moved my monthly calendar and instead of posting it on the wall I am using it as a desk mat.
*-I turned my bookshelf upside down. Actually I learned that I was using it upside down for 3 years! LOL 
*-You know how I can't put anything on my walls right? You see that word on my wall, the one that says "Teach"? It's vinyl and totally ok, got the thumbs up from my admin. I purchased my vinyl from Lucy Lews Etsy Shop. She has some fabulous vinyl and it looks wonderful on my wall.

The best part? She is offering readers of my blog, yes that is you, a 10% discount from her shop with the code LUV2LEARN. This code will be effective through September.
 AND because she is the sweetest she is also giving away one $25.00 and two $15.00 gift credits to her store! That is 3 winners.
But if you are impatient like me and want yours right away feel free to use the 10% code LUV2LEARN any time from now thru September. I also got my name for my door but I don't have pictures to share. Trust me it looks beautiful. So happy with it.

Now back to the Linky Party.
This link will stay open until Oct. 1st. That should be long enough for everyone to link up, even those of you that don't return until September.

Wow, that was a lot. Next linky is all about Guided Reading spaces. Don't forget to spread the word about the linky but also about the giveaway!!! right click and save this image to use to link back to this post.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love this linky! I'm taking pics tomorrow & will be back to link up!

    Primary Inspired

  2. I am pretty sure I could use some of her owls, since that will be my classroom theme this year!
    Mrs. Castro's Class

  3. I really liked the teacher name with the apple and the owls.
    Spotted Around the School

  4. I like the owl wall decals with name.
    They are all really cute!


  5. I love the owls! & I love the teach decal in your room!

  6. I would have to say the I love to teach.

  7. I would love something with my name on it! I would use it on my door! I am an "outside" classroom so I can't have cute paper stuff hanging due to weather!! But VINYL would be awesome!

    Sweet Times in First

  8. really like the design of your post.. . thanks a lot for showing it to me...keep it up . . love it..
    vapor recovery tower

  9. Love your set up for your guided group lessons. I am also thinking about getting stackable stools. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Love that teacher wall decal! :) I would have to get that!

  11. I would get some of her owl stuff--it is so cute!! The yellow and gray owls are my fav :o)

  12. I love the owls but I also love some of the quotes too! Everything is beautiful!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  13. I love the vinyl! I think your room is going to look fantastic, and I cannot wait to see the final product!

  14. oh for crying out loud, how did I miss this?! I've been waiting to see it! I LOVE the pumpkin wall (as in color, not halloween decoration like I said to you before, lol!). Your layout looks great for that area, you are such an excellent planner and user of space! Now I'm totally bummed because I can't get back in quite yet to school. Well, I am going to try and pop by later this week and see if I can, so I can link up!!

    Off to enter your fab giveaway. Thanks girl!

  15. I must say that the pumpkin wall color is growing on me :) I hope that decal doesn't rip the paint off, lol.

  16. I really loved your class room decoration and also quotes.
    Vinyl Wall Quotes


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