Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Birthday Bash Day 2

Thank you for coming back.
For day 2, I've enlisted the help of one of my oldest bloggy friends. I actually think she was my first bloggy friend. She is one the sweetest bloggers you will find and is super creative. It is Hadar from Miss. Kindergaten

Hadar is generously sharing her  Interactive Calendar with one of my readers!
If you are looking for someway to introduce an interactive calendar notebook this is the pack you want. It gets progressively harder each month.

To enter for a chance to win...

Today's freebie is Hadar's
Traceable and blank calendar templates.
If you aren't sure that an interactive calendar is for you, but you want to try calendar activities with your students, these sheets can be a great place to start. Perfect for teaching calendar skills, or just introducing the month in general. Put it in a protective sleeve for added durability.
Make sure you show Hadar some love on her blog too.
Oh and don't forget to come back tomorrow, for day 3 of my week long birthday bash.


  1. Super excited, thank you


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