Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord: June 8, 2014

Let me say a big thank you for coming back after my almost one month hiatus. I officially finished up the school year on May 23, right before Memorial day, but it took me a whole other week to completely and officially "check out" of my building. Why you may ask? Read on...

It was a rough end of the year this year, I had so much to do. I thought I was ahead of the game when I finished updating all my ELL files and report cards a whole week in advance. Silly me, I still had to pack up my whole room.
That is right, I am moving spaces, I am not sure if I mentioned that before. It was bittersweet because I love my old room, but I understand the reason for the change. Yet, I will totally miss my old view.
Here is a look at my new space. It is smaller, but I have high hopes for it. Because I am starting with a blank canvas I thought it would be a good time to change themes. So this coming year will be the year of new beginnings for me. Stay tuned for more.

Speaking of themes, I will have a Nautical themed class next year. I have been updating my Instagram with pictures of my purchases. As Greg would say... "If you don't already follow, why not?" Click on that orange heart button and follow along! Here are a few pics...

The next thing I will tell you is going to sound crazy. I signed up to teach summer school, and not jsut any summer school, high school summer school! I am not totally out of my depths here, it is still ELL, and only level 2, so I am in somewhat familiar waters, but still it has been kicking my behind. I think the worst part is that I START teaching at 8:00 every morning and go, with only a 10 min break, up until noon. After which I have been having meetings with 1. the Kinder team at my school, 2. a committee I co-chair in my building, or 3. professional developments. The few days I make it home at noon I have been taking naps! Ha ha I will definitely be enjoying my time off after summer school. I only have 4 weeks left.

Consequently I still have the "Sunday Night Blues." Good thing I am using a new cutie template, I created, to help me plan. Here is a quick peek.

Last I want to say a BIG thanks to the ladies hosting the daily summer linky parties. Nothing to motivate a blogger like a linky party. :) I will absolutely be working on blogging more frequently. I think that is all for now.

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