Monday, February 17, 2014

Peek at my 4 day week: 02/17/14

I'm back! Did ya miss me? :P

This week, my students had Monday off, so only 4 days of learning. While I love 4 days weeks, it gets tough to cram everything in, especially when you have multiple 4 day weeks in a row. Yikes.

This week my Kinder's will start learning about animals. We will start with a Wild Animal theme. Of course we will still have our letter of the week, Uu and 2 HFW, for and have.
Books we will read include...
Online Resources:
We will use Pebble Go's animal section to look at some wild animals and talk about their "wild" characteristics.

First Grade
First grade will be ALL ABOUT President's day. Well President's day, and R-controlled vowel ar, like a Pirate!
Books we will read include...
Online Resources:
I will use PebbleGo again, but this time I will use the biography section to study President Washington, Lincoln and Obama.
We will also use BrainPop Jr. They have several videos, presidents, Washington, and Lincoln that I think will be helpful in helping my students access the content more easily.
Thematic resources we will pillage through and use are...

In addition to these adorable resources you can also find the links to the resources we will use for our Phonics lessons in the download of my lesson plans. Just click on the images of my plans above.

Feels like a PACKED week. Can't wait to get our learn on tomorrow.
Happy Planning!

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