Tuesday, January 18, 2011

They are here...

Today is the day, it arrived. What arrived? Well, the 2011 new products Creative Teaching Press catolog arrived.

Soon the Carson Delosa catolog will arrive and then an avalance of xatologs will arrive too. I love catalogs, but I have to say that the CTP catalog is my favorite. They just have so many cute items I can use in my class! I would go broke if I did not have a spending limit. Even with a spending limit I go over.

This past August I finally caved in a bought the Poppin Patterns Calendar set.

I had waited several years before I sprung for it because my old calendar set was in near perfect condition. I just could not wait any longer. So I donated my near perfect calendar set to another teacher and I am LOVING my new one. My favorite part is that everything is coordinated and all the components come together in one set. I have days of the week, weather, calendar & the months. I think it is pretty reasonably priced too. Anyway, right after I bought it they came out with a Dots on Chocolate set that I began to drool over.

I just adore it! However, although I love it and would gladly spring for it and justify it later, it doesn't really go with my classroom decor. I do however have some Dots on Chocolate items like the jumbo and mini designer cutouts. I use them for various things in my room. (I'll have to blog about them another time.) So where does that leave me now??? I am still contemplating buying the calendar days, and using them in my room for some sort of counting activity. Oh and the Month headers, I can use them at a center or post them by my door, I don't know. Again it leaves me buying them and justifying it later.

Well, it gets worse. As I went through the NEW catalog, I saw they have a new set, Dots on Turquoise. And while again it does not match AT ALL with my room, I love some components. Now I don't think I will jump on these just yet, but I may get a border or chart.

Here is another item I might pick up.

I currently use DJ Inkers Weather Bears, but mine need replacing and when I saw this one I really began to struggle about which one to buy.

I can go on forever, but I will stop here. I do recommend going to their website and having a look around. Do you think I have an addiction? I feel like I have a problem. Is that my first step to recovery, knowing I have a problem. :P


  1. This is too funny! I just got a Really Good Stuff catalog and was trying to resist looking at it! I really like the Dots on Turquoise too...

    Don't worry, you're not alone. I'm also a buy-now-justify-later kinda person! :)

  2. I love my Poppin Patterns classroom! I almost have it all and now I too need to start the chocolate rendition. I rotate my classroom decorations each year, so I am up to about 10 that I rotate. Sometimes I change mid year so I can use 2 a year! My wallet is very thin these days thanks to my obsession with dots, LOL.

  3. Ladybug Teacher, I get the Really Good Stuff catalog. They have some nice materials but my favorite item from their catalog are the colred baskets.

    Pink is my Ink, what a good idea to have more than 1 and rotate them. I think I will have to do just that.

    Ms. M


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