Saturday, May 3, 2014

May Currently

It is amazing how quickly a week flies by. However, it is a new month and with that comes a new Currently.

I am listening to Katy Perry at the moment on my Pandora. Actually it is my "Today's Hits" station. It is quite a but of fun. Sometimes I even play it for my students during clean up time. #MusicMovesMe
I recently decided that I needed some new professional work jeans. I had a WONDERFUL pair but they have faded and worn and are now more suited for some more comfy times. My first stop was Old Navy to get a new pair of the same design. However, when I tried all I found were skinny jeans. Now I am not against skinny jeans, but I am of the opinion that they do NOT look good on most people, despite what OldNavy is telling everyone. In fact, I am petite and lean and I still don't think that I look good in them. After my epic fail I went to the local mall and found two pair, on sale, in the petite section. They have little frills, and are pretty dark, JUST what I wanted. I am now 32 and I am getting too old for the thick stitching and writing on my behind. Next was a trip to the seamstress and a week later I have the perfect jeans x2! FYI: I always have to have all jeans and pants taken in because I am so small. :/ I will have to #OOTD on Instagram sometimes soon. :) #WorkWear
I didn't think I would ever be ready to move on from my current "Surfing" class theme. However, I recently fell in love with Melanie's new Nautical theme. I have been very into all things Nautical for a little bit now. Since I will be moving rooms this coming year I thought it would be good time to switch it up a little up a little bit. I am currently obsessed with all the new changes in my room. What will I keep, what will I put away, what will I give away... The list is never ending. I will keep you all posted with those changes this summer. #NauticalLove
I think this one is easy to understand. This week just flew by, and I feel like this next month will be over in a flash. I am desperately trying to grab a few minutes here, and a couple there, but I think I just have to let go and and be ok with not getting everything done. #ShortOnTime
I have 3 more weeks of school left and it will be another 3 day week coming up for me. I will be working on Thursday and Friday, but I will be on field trips again. I think I will just let this go and enjoy the little time I have left with my students. This summer will be a busy one. #SummerIsComing
I mentioned before about Melanie's new theme designs. If you haven't checked out the School Girl Style blog, you simply MUST. Even if you don't subscribe to the whole classroom decorating by theme fun, it is inspiring to see what gorgeous eye catching designs she creates/ coordinates. Melanie has been rolling out a new theme each day, 13 so far, and she isn't done yet! 16 in total. A visual buffet of stunning classroom design. #SchoolGirlStyle

A little bit more...
I recently shared on FB that I applied to teach summer school, ELL summer school, High School ELL summer school, to level 1's and 2's. Basically newcomers. This is my first venture into teaching the big kids. While I think it will go well, I alway laugh when I think of how much bigger than me they will be. Shoot the 5th graders at my school are sometimes bigger than me. This will be a new adventure for me for sure. So in case you are keeping track I will be:
1. moving classrooms
2. changing my class theme (all new decor) means shopping and planning
3. attending district professional developments
4. teaching high school summer school and finally
5. teaching Kindergarten Jumpstart.
Yeah, I think I will be frazzled come August.

Last but not least:
Don't forget to check out Farley's new blog design and read all the other bloggers Currently's too. Just click on the button below. #LinkUp


  1. I have exactly the same jean problem. My tailor knows me by name!

  2. I can help with the kindergarten piece and I think you might like HS. I did it way back when and it was really an interesting experience for me. Good luck and squeeze some relaxation in too.


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