Monday, July 1, 2013

Currently in July

Yay for Currently! Here is mine...

Listening: One of those bands you listen to when you want something really loud.

Loving: I swear I am already partially deaf from all those all nights I partied at the all night clubs in Miami. You know the ones where you are next to the HUGE speakers and you leave holding your 3inch heels, as the sun is coming up and your ears are ringing. Stupid things I did in my early 20's. But seriously I love loud music. It drowns out my horrible singing.

Thinking: So here is the deal I LOVE, absolutely and in love with my surf theme. I just put it up for the first time last year so I have at least 2 more years with it. (I tend to spend about 3 years on a theme.) I am super excited about decorating with it again, BUT I find myself longingly looking at all the cute new decore packs you all are creating. So I keep trying to find ways to incorporate it all, and truth is, I can't. As Cara Carroll would say "sadsville".

Wanting: Well, this would go with my previous comment. If I had tons of disposable cash and 3 classrooms, I would feel so much better, cause I could have all the fabulous themes out there. LOL I know I am being ridiculous  but that is part of who I am. I'll get over it. :) Plus, whatever I buy and don't end up using goes to my fabulous colleagues. Right ML?

Needing: I think this one is self explanatory. :) Growing up 30 minutes from a beach and 10 min from a private pool spoiled me. The one thing I miss from FL is water, specifically jumping in a pool and swimming for hours, on those hot summer days. 

Tips, Tricks, or Hints: Honestly I don't have many. The only thing I know is that no matter what, you have to enjoy the small things. You know like a good sale, fabulous chevron patterns, chocolate croissants, Face Time with far away friends, french fries, laughing hysterically at funny meems, and finding $5.00 in the pocket of some jeans.
Enjoy the days lovelies. 


  1. Hello! I am with you about the private pool! Although, I am really happy because we moved to a neighborhood with a pool. I grew up by the beach- luckily it is just a three and a half hour drive, so I take a lot of trips. Hope you make it to the beach this summer, too!

    1. Thanks Marisha. No beach near me. I am in NE, but I will make it. :) Enjoy the pool and beach for me!

  2. My thinking and wanting are along the same lines as yours when I see all the wonderful designs and ideas out there. I thought I had one kind of figured out (I love woodland designs, and I thought that would be something homey and adaptable)...but looking at other things, now I'm not so sure! :) Your surf theme sounds pretty fun to me!

  3. Love your tip! And yes to the private pool! I'm switching my theme again too. I loved my theme last year but I needed a fresh start!

    Rowdy in First Grade


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