Friday, October 28, 2011

Red Ribbon Week

Like many of you, this week my school is celebrating Red Ribbon Week. We had a different theme each day but I only had a chance to snap pictures on "No bones about it, Drugs are scarey!" day. On this day, each class got a set of skeleton bones. They then brainstormed and wrote some healthy activities and foods they would do or eat instead of drugs.
Here s a close up of the bones.
(click on the images to enlarge)
I think they came out really cute and fit in perfectly with Halloween.

Other themes included
-I’m A Jean-ius because I am Drug Free: Staff and students wear jeans
- Team up against drugs: Staff and students wear team apparel
- Drugs Bug Me! I’d rather eat bugs than do drugs!: kids make and eat assorted bug snacks 
- Paws-itively Drug Free: Kids sign a great big Paw
- 2 smart 2 start = Drug Free 4 Ever: Students get Smarties at the end of the day

What is your class doing for Drug Free Week?


  1. Do you think it's appropriate to discuss smoking, drinking and drugs with first grade? We watched two brainpopjr videos. I just get a little scared about saying too much.

  2. Unfortunately I have to say that many of the students at my school have already been exposed to those substances. You should hear the stories I have heard. It is not something new and it is something that I(we) feel it is something they should be warned about.

    Ms. M


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