Monday, November 22, 2010

Very late Fall activities.

I realize I am about a month late with these but I thought I would share before we took down our Fall activities.

Let me start with our Leaf Men. 
My Kindergarten students LOVED going out and collecting the leaves. We got to have some great discussions about the colors of the leaves and why they fall. We got to study different kinds of leaves and their sizes.
 So we took a sentence from the book, out of order and we put it back together in the right order.
 Then we thought of our own (pattern) sentences about leaves.

Next up First grade.
With my First graders I discussed Fall and what it looks like. We took a walking tour around the school and when we got back we got a sentence starter "My favorite thing about Fall is..." and they had to finish it on their own.

 Kindergarten also got to visit the Pumpkin Patch this year. We did a similar sentence building activity as the leaf man. This one says "Pumpkins are orange & round."
 So then my First graders were not happy they did not get a pumpkin activity so we learned about how when we carve a pumpkin it is transformed into a Jack-o-lantern. Then they wrote about Halloween.

Now we are working on our Turkeys and our Thankful activities that I hope I can get posted soon.

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